Stan Whipp Web Design-EarthWeb Design Your Way…

Once you contact me I will arrange to meet with you or your group.
We will discuss in depth which web design platform best fits your needs.

Once a platform has been decided I will provide a detailed quote.
When you approve the quote we will develop a plan, then put that plan into action.

Once we start the plan, you will be able to watch each step as your site is developed.
All Designs are set up in a “staging” directory allowing you to watch the site take life, while your domain displays “Our Site Coming Soon” or your own message.

What Type Of Design Stan Whipp Web Design HTML5 Graphic

The type of design you will need depends on how you want the site to work for you.
If the website will not require frequent changes a hand coded “grid” design will produce a great website and requires only updates to content.

Stan Whipp Web Design-WordPress LogoFor sites that require frequent changes or blogging, a Content Management System is best.
These platforms allow you to “manage” or make changes with no coding experience needed. I offer several options for this web design platform, the most popular being WordPress. bluefade linePlanning Your Web Design

Stan Whipp Web Design-Web Sketch

Web Design Sketch Click To Enlarge

Planning your site is very important.
Prior to starting the actual design we suggest creating a drawing or sketch.
I have provided a sketch sample to the left.
Your sketch lets me see what you would like your website to look like.
With this sketch I will now have a visual idea of your concept.

Your site will now be set up for “staging” based on sketch.
Once staged you will be provided a web address to view your site.
During the process I remain in contact.


The Cost Of Your Site

WordPress Website Packages with all the *Essential Plug-ins.
Contact Me for you special price.




*Essential Plug-Ins (Back-up, Security, and Form Maker)